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    Marion was once known as Sippican, named after the Indian tribe that lived here. Massachusetts state archaeologist, Dr. Maurice Robbins, traced the settlement of the Marion area back several thousand years to the days when the Indians came here every summer. In fact, it has been concluded that Indian settlements in our area date as far back as 3000 BC. 

    Marion area Indians were members of the Wamponoag tribe who lived in a number of villiages in Southeastern Massachusetts under the leadership of the great Indian chief Massasoit. 

    Around 1678, some 29 Piligrim families were sent to settle in Sippican. Relations between Massasoit and the Plymouth leaders were friendly for many years.

    As the years passed, that tiny settlement expanded. New settlers began moving up in the area rivers and those settlements becamed what are today Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester center. However, the three villages remained part of Rochester until Marion and Mattapoisett broke away in the 1800s. 
    Owners Joe and Lynn Monger puchased the Sippican cafe in July of 2007 with a vision of creating Marion's finest dinest experience. 

    The two of them have a long history in the food services business. Lynn has a B.S. from Purdue University in Hotel + Restaurant Management. She has worked for Hyatt, Sheraton and sold produce to companies as large as McDonald's, Burger King and Walt Disney World. Joe was a managing partner for the Ruby Tuesday's chain of restaurants for 19 years working in many locations including the local town of Dartmouth. He left that role for a short stint as a financial manager for Morgan Stanley. Joe returned to the food service industry working for the Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Brockton for a year and a half. Joe felt something was still missing.

    "I wanted to work for myself," Monger said, "Ever since I left Ruby Tuesday's I was looking for a restauraunt to buy."

    When he saw the Sippican Cafe, a long standing Marion restauraunt, was for sale, he seized the oppurtunity.

Open Tue - Sun from 11am to 9pm
Closed Mondays

Sippican Cafe
167 Spring Street
Marion, MA 02738

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